Construction Progress-8/20/2021

David Ho (the owner of Ho’s Remodeling) was here and he with his workers set up aisleway at the side entrance for foot traffic safety.

I had meeting with George Ho. Among other things, we discussed the following things concerning the door schedule:

  1. While DRA drawings call for new doors in door #112, #118. These two doors are actually existing and are in place currently. George has graciously agreed that we will not be charged for these 2 doors.
  2. Luke Yu and I have tabulated the doors taken down from demolition, and here is the list: 8’9″ @1; 8’8.75″@1; 7’@5; 6’11.5″@4; 6’8″@2; 6’7″@3. These are all 3′ wide, 1 3/4″ thick doors. Some are rated for 1/3 hours of fire rating. Many are not fire rated. It looks like we can reuse only 2 doors: 8’9″ and 8′ 8 3/4″ ones. All others do not meet the drawings requirement. George will reach out to people and see if we can sell the doors which we cannot reuse. George kindly agree to give the entire proceed of the door sale to the church, if we can sell them.

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