Work Forecast

10/1/2021 Meeting (George Ho, Luke Yu, Jassi Tu-leaves early, Joseph Chang)

  1. George discussed the commercial dishwasher, the stove, the sewer and the additional 2- 220v outlet on the counter. Ho’s Remodeling is good at the restaurant, they are going to help us with the final configuration of the central kitchen. Cabinet as designated in the drawing is not an inspection item.
  2. Joseph is to write Steve of DRA to request an site visit on 8:00 am next Tuesday (10/5/2021) to discuss in person regarding the beam and column design detail (this is the 4the week after the issue was raised), the sewer outline, the change of round AC duct to rectangular AC duct (Steve’s recommendation).
  3. We are still waiting on the seismic retrofit work schedule. George will try to see if he can get it from his structural team next week.
  4. The 1″ air gap between the double framing walls is important to keep it from solid material so as to cut off the sound transmission from one room to the other. Joseph pointed out that the electrical conduit providing the power to the toddler to 2nd grade children room is routed in the chapel side with the box bent over to the children side. This way of routing destroys the 1″ air gap in between the walls. George is to tell the sub to correct this small error. (See photos at the end).
  5. George asked the inspector on site, inspector said it is OK for us to build the stage as revised in phase 3. We will continue to have the construction document of phase 3 approved soon.
  6. George is to have his sub inspect parking lights to find out whether it is the lights or the sensors that are not functioning. The parking lot will be inspected by the city before final inspection to make sure the parking lights all functioning. Church offered the 14′ scissor lift for the contractor to use.
  7. We (Jassi) will ask Albert Chen to advise regarding the fire alarm instrument panel (Pyro Com), the ATT phone system, the Internet Switch in the electric room, whether they are to remain or to be removed. We need to make room for the Bay Fire Alarm system that is coming to install a new fire alarm system.

Joseph Chang (10/1/2021, 2:40 pm)

9/24/2021 Meeting (George Ho, Luke Yu, Jassi Tu, Joseph Chang)

  1. Steve of DRA mentioned that we can change the hard round air duct to rectangular hard metal duct to increase the ceiling height of the chapel. Joseph agrees with that, George is to provide the financial increase, if any, for approval, before proceed. This will be the over the counter change order with the city.

2. Steve agrees with contractor and owner to have the sewer system of restrooms and kitchen move southward toward the sidewalk, pick up all these sewer lines with a 6″ sewer lines westward toward the Rockfield direction. This is assuming that we can find a 6″ sewer line within our property. If it is all 4″ sewer line in our property, we will use only 4″ line going westward. According to Steve, 4″ line is good for our capacity. The plumber is going to do a camera survey to see the orientation and the size of the sewer line.

3. The column and beam design is still pending upon the structural engineer. George said it is 3 weeks already.

4. The inspection of the platform foundation passed. The inspector is going to be onsite Monday (9/27/2021) to supervise the pouring of the concrete.

5. The seismic retrofit is scheduled to start next week. George will fill us in regarding the schedule. The office will have to move the belongings to have space for the worker to do the joist and wall connection, and joist/joist/beam connections.

Joseph, 2:00 pm, 9/24/2021

9/17/2021 Meeting (George Ho, Plumber Charles, Joseph Chang)

In today’s meeting, George and his plumbing sub Charles discussed the sewer drainage issues:

The current plan calls for 4″ sewer line picking up the black water from Men’s & Women’s bathrooms and the grey water from the kitchen and drain northward (assume the top as the virtual north), turning west toward the existing 4″ sewer line that is assumed to be under the previous IPD suite. Charles said that the initial check shows that (1). there is not enough drop of 2% as required by the design, (2). there might be under capacity design to pick up the black water and the gray water, (3). When there is a clog (say someone flush in the hygiene items in women’s restrooms), it will be difficult to rooter through almost entire slab of the first floor to unclog.

Charles recommended the following:

  1. Use 4″ pipe on the women’s bathroom, 4″ pipe on the men’s bathroom, 4″ pipe on the kitchen. Run these pipes southward toward the sidewalk that is part of the Phase 1 construction. Connect these pipes to a 6″ sewer line goes under the sidewalk. 6″ sewer line will require only 1% slope instead of the 2% for the 4″ pipe. This 6″ sewer line will go from south of the property running westward toward the main sewer of 10″ along Rockfield. We believe that the slope will be also more than the 1% as required by the code. Charles will also provide a cleaning point outside of the building at the head of the 6″ sewer line. This will help in future rooter work.
  2. This drainage route will also have an easy pick up of the baptistry drain that is planned to be on the south side of the building.
  3. Charles also proposed to have a 3″ fresh water supply line (instead of the 2 1/2″ fresh water as called for in the drawing). This is to provide better water supply and water pressure when multiple toilets are flushing at the same time (we have a total of 18 toilet bowels and urinals). The water supply line runs overhead.
  4. George will mark up this proposal and discuss with Steve of DRA when they meet next Monday during the city inspection of the platform foundation rebar arrangement.

George is to recommend to us the commercial dish washer. He mentioned that there are options to buy or to lease. With the minimal amount of usage (once a week) in a church, it is better to own. He will even recommends an used one for us. It will be much cheaper.

Joseph Chang, 15:00, 9/17/2021

9/10/2021 (Friday): Weekly meeting was held in church conference room at 12:20 pm. Attendee: George Ho, Jassi Tu, and Pastor Joseph Chang. Pastor Chang expressed appreciation of George Remodeling’s dedication in the work. It has generally been very professional all this time. George has received the first installment check from the church in last week. Due to the mailbox vandalism in the neighborhood of his office, he will pick up the check in the future when he comes to the church for meeting.

George said that there might be some takers for the doors and frames that were kept from demolition. We hope that it will be sold and reused for conservation purpose.

Pastor Joseph has asked George to reinstall the door #113 (per sheet A4), so as not to damage the door which is currently leaning against the wall close by.

George mentioned that the seismic retrofit will be pushed back to give time for the redesign and installation of the column and beam to replace the short wall. After the workers probed the masonry column, it is discovered that there is no steel column in that place and therefore, we do not expect to have a LGB beam above the short wall. It is concluded that this is a load bearing wall, and there is no steel column and no beam there. We have to take down the short wall as is originally designed by DRA. Keeping the wall will divide the chapel to smaller spaces, and not meeting the assembly purpose. (the following photos show that the masonry column is a load bearing column. A steel column is to be placed in its place).

DRA is requesting the probing of the foundation to find out if the existing foundation is good for the steel column. Ho’s Remodeling is starting the drill of the concrete slab today. Hope to find the answer for DRA and so they can start the design soon after. This will be a resubmittal to the city for the change design. We will face the city’s time consuming application again. (The concrete joint line on the floor seems to indicate the foundation for the short load bearing wall. You can see the small slab steel bar in the right photo).

A temporary wood column is placed next to the masonry column (to be removed) to shore up the LGB beam.

9/3/2021 (Friday): No meeting with George today, due to the traveling of Pastor Joseph Chang to Texas.

8/27/2021 (Friday): According to George Ho, there will be 3 containers arriving on 9/3/2021. They will be using our east end parking lot, from the current garbage can to the light pole as the staging area. They will also use 2 more parking stalls, south of the light pole for their toilet cans.

According to George Ho, the seismic retrofit will start on 9/6/2021 (Monday), adjusted for the holiday. It is assumed that will take up to a week to do the retrofitting.

8/17/2021 (Tuesday): According to David Ho, Ho’s Remodeling is anticipating the garbage container to arrive in the staging area at the beginning of September due to the shortage of Waste Management company drivers. There is no driver to deliver the container.